Care of bees in greenhouses

Bees, depending on their breed, when examining the nest react differently. Southern bees are very peaceful. Nests can be examined without a facial mesh, and sometimes even without smoke. Central Russian bees are covetous, and

Beehive in greenhouses

Not so long ago, hives of various designs were used in our country. Each experienced beekeeper considered it necessary to invent his hive design, often without taking into account the biological and physiological needs of

Durability of life of bees in greenhouses

It is considered that the microclimate of greenhouses has a negative effect on bees. In order to weaken the influence of the greenhouse microclimate on bees, special rooms for hives were set up, and casings

Exhibition of bees in the spring from the winter hut

The time of the spring exhibition of bees at will depends on their behavior and weather. In greenhouses, reserve bee colonies usually have extremely small stocks of Perga or do not have them at all.

Wintering of bees in the greenhouse

Cleaning bees in the winter hut. Wintering bees is the most important period in the life of bees. From its outcome depends the state of the apiary and the further ability of the bees to

Preservation of bees in greenhouses

In the years of the initial use of bees for pollination of crops grown in greenhouses, there were many factors that adversely affected bees, for example, greenhouses were of small size, most of them were