Protection of bees from poisoning

To obtain sustainable high yields of hothouse crops, pest and plant diseases are controlled using pesticides. Pesticides used in greenhouses are classified by action: – on contact – cause the death of insects when they

Picking an apiary in a greenhouse

If there is a possibility to choose an economy, where it is possible to buy bees, preference should be given to those apiaries that are famous for good honey collectors. Before buying bees, it is

Collection of nectar in the greenhouse

Honey and pollen are the natural food of adult bees and their brood. Feeds are necessary for maintaining the livelihoods of bees and isolating wax. Flowers give off a small amount of nectar and pollen,

How to arrange the hives in the greenhouse

In modern varieties and hybrids of cucumbers, unlike the famous in the past, the Klin variety, the first flowers blossom. In the central regions of the country; The first cucumber flowers appear in the 2nd

Drinking of bees

To grow the brood and keep the optimum humidity and temperature in the nest, bees need water. On average, the bee family spends 50 grams of water per day, and in hot and dry days

Feed preparation

It is known that bees prepare their own food, the surpluses of which are used by man. In greenhouses there is a glut of bee pasture by bees. In addition, we are forcing bees already

Bee Species Used in Greenhouses

In our country the following species of bees have become most widespread: Central Russian, Ukrainian steppe, gray mountain Caucasian, yellow Caucasian and Carpathian and their varieties. In the greenhouses can work and preserve all the

Selection of a place for an apiary and accommodation of hives

From the correct choice of location for the establishment of a reserve apiary, its welfare and productivity depend. Preference should be given to terrain with a crossed Relief, which contributes to an increase in the

The first inspection of a bee family in a greenhouse

After the purification flight, the bees proceed to clean the nest, begin to feed the uterus intensively, and the uterus – lay eggs. If the brood was seven before the introduction of the hive into

Using the honey

Collect a sufficient amount of honey and pollen can only strong, workable bee colonies. In many places, the basic replenishment of feed stocks of beekeepers is expected to be obtained from lime trees. In the