Renounce sugar

Renounce sugar

In modern methods of keeping bees, sugar is an integral part. This is due to the veterinary and sanitary rules for keeping families. In practice, they often seek to increase their honey production by over-permissible norms of sugar feeding, that is, they receive “lime” honey for commercial purposes. Such harmful practices result in irrational use of sugar and deception of buyers. Significant harm in this case is applied to bee colonies.

Families fed sugar syrup, grow brood no more than control, not receiving top dressing. Therefore, I propose to limit the feeding of sugar.

In order to have healthy strong families with high honey production, it is necessary to introduce artificial heating of hives into the beekeeping technology with a dosed supply of heat to the nest with the aid of a heat-aeration insert between the detachable bottom and the hull. Artificial heating of bee families will save feed at least 6-8 kg. This is confirmed by my many years of practice.

When keeping bees in heated hives, it is easier to care for them.

First, the work associated with fertilizing falls off.

Secondly, families from wintering come out in good condition, they are active, they themselves clean the nests.

Thirdly, curative measures are reduced and simplified. And most importantly – it increases the honey production and improves the physiological condition of families.

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Renounce sugar