Honey recipes from allergies in children

Honey recipes from allergies in children

Last time we already started talking about the “illness of the century” – allergies, which, alas, so often affects our kids. One of the most common forms of it is an allergic rhinitis. In the spring, hardly the sun warms, the grass turns green, the first leaves appear on the trees, the apple trees blossom, – it’s time for the child to take a walk in the garden, breathe the fresh air, “brown” in the warm rays of his cheeks, pale in the long winter. But then – coughing, tearing my eyes, my head ached. And in the summer it will be even worse, because the allergic rhinitis, as a rule, worsens at the time of flowering of trees and grasses. And that’s bad: no medicine, so to speak, of local purpose, all sorts of drops in the nose do not help, take the same special drugs that affect the body as a whole, the child is absolutely undesirable. We will act differently.

Recipe 1

The simplest way: squeeze the juice from the fresh leaves of the Kalanchoe and lubricate the mucous membrane of the nose several times a day.

Recipe 2

Another folk remedy: pour the sunflower oil in a vial, put it in a saucepan with water and soak for half an hour in a water bath, then cool it. Finely chop three or four peeled garlic cloves and a quarter of a medium bulb, mix, pour sterilized oil, let it brew. After two hours strain. Lubricate the nasal mucosa with infusion as well as the Kalanchoe juice.

Recipe 3

But the medicine is a little sweeter: 3 tablespoons finely chopped onions pour 50 grams of warm water and add a quarter of a teaspoon of honey (unless, of course, it is not an allergen for the baby). Stir, insist for half an hour, dig in the nose several times a day for four to five drops.

Recipe 4

They help with allergic rhinitis and inhalation. Do them like that. Two tablespoons of honey dissolve in half a glass of water, pour this solution into a teapot – brewing or ordinary, but small in volume. The kettle is placed on a stove, electric tile or gas burner, covered with a mug. As it boils, the fire is turned off, a rubber tube is put on the tip of the kettle and gently it is given to inhale the child with a nose of a pair of honey water. The fire should be periodically turned on and the mixture in the kettle should be kept hot. Inhalation is done four to six times a day for 10-15 minutes. In the same way, both an allergic and cough cough are treated.

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Honey recipes from allergies in children