The elder in the fight against varroatosis

To combat varroatosis, bees use chemical agents: formic acid, thymol, felboks, phenothiazine, varrobraulin, “CASS-81”, varroatin, oxalic and lactic acid. None of these drugs can not kill all the mites in the hive, some of them

Melanosis of bees

Melanosis is an infectious disease of the uterus, accompanied by the cessation of egg laying, the formation of a fecal plug and the blackening of the ovaries. The causative agent of the disease – Melanosella

Meleoz bees

Meleosis is an invasive disease caused by the parasitization of the larvae of Meloe beetles on the body of bees. The disease is usually short-lived, manifested by the excitement, anxiety of the bees and the

How to make a heat chamber for processing bees

To increase the efficiency of anti-varrotic treatment of bees, we produced a thermocamera, the structure of which has been described with some modifications. The frame of the thermal chamber is made of bars measuring 30X30

Processing of bees by folbeks

When processing bees with folbeks in the hive, there must be an empty space so that the strip of this drug can hang freely. For this purpose, in a multi-hull hive, one or two frames

Removal of the brood brood

On the photo: 1 – honeycomb; 2 – frame with a drone brood. The proposed method of combating varroatosis consists in removing bee colonies from the nest and destroying the tartar brood affected by the

Chilled brood

Chilled brood is an uncontrollable disease of bee colonies, which arises from the strong and prolonged cooling of the brood. Causes of the disease. A sharp drop in air temperature, poor warming of the nest,

The tick of boiling water is afraid

I had to apply various methods of combating varroatosis: I poisoned the mite with phenothiazine, thymol, burning some herbs in the smoke, but everything was ineffective. Finally, I found what to take him. In the

How to fight with ascospenosis

In the summer of 1988, in one family, I found 10-15 white lumps in honeycombs, but did not attach any importance to it, considering them to be a moldy pearl. In the beginning of the

Sieve brood

Sick brood – an infectious disease, a viral etiology, causing the death of adults often sealed larvae and young pupae. The body of the dead larvae takes the form of a bag of liquid. The