Pasechnye buildings

Thickened honeycombs

It is known that bees can build thickened honeycombs. Extending cells to 32-35 mm, they Thereby more economically placing the feed reserves, while leaving more free cells for brood. In addition, on such honeycombs, the

Contents of bees in the capital pavilion

I started studying bees twelve years ago, when my mentor gave me a family of bees and in his “Zaporozhets” brought her to my dacha site 30 km from the city. Soon I realized that

The construction of the nomadic pavilion

Frame (bearing structure). If the pavilion is more than 4 m, then it is made of steel or wood. After loading, the nomadic pavilion should not protrude from the body of the car, therefore along

Mobile Pavilion

Being engaged in the pavilion content of bees, I regularly get acquainted with the relevant literature. I carefully read all the materials published on the pavilion content of bees in Siberia, the article frankly surprised.

Mechanized platform on wheels

The transition of beekeeping and beekeeping complexes to intensive technology for the care of bees provides, in particular, the use of multi-hull beehives, multiple transport of apiaries for pollination and honey collection. At the same


In order for families to leave the hibernation without a retreat and without significant debris of bees, healthy and with a dry, non-moldy nest, a good, modern winter queen is needed, in which it is

Pasechnye buildings

In the apiary it is necessary to have an apiary house, a canopy for a control hive and a winter hut. Pasechny little house The house is best placed in the middle of the apiary,

Pavilions in the attic

In the attic of the country house I equipped a warmed pavilion with an area of ​​6 m2, in which I keep four families of bees. Hives are multi-hull, each consists of two nesting and