Thickened honeycombs

Thickened honeycombs

It is known that bees can build thickened honeycombs. Extending cells to 32-35 mm, they

Thereby more economically placing the feed reserves, while leaving more free cells for brood. In addition, on such honeycombs, the heat released by the club is better preserved, since, by consuming honey, bees chew elongated cells to standard sizes. It turns out that the club is as if under a roof, resulting in a sharp decrease in its open area, and, consequently, the loss of heat.

To have thickened honeycombs, it is necessary to harvest the stern frames during the honey harvest. If there is a need for sugar feeding, bees can be given syrup, but only if they have enough brood. With the late feeding of syrup, bees seal honey even in unsettled honeycombs, making them thin and with little honey. In this case, the wintering of bees is much worse. I explain this by the fact that bees on thin and even normal thickness of honeycombs

are more difficult to maintain a normal temperature in the club, they are forced to move to the ceiling, in a warmer place, which makes their wintering even more difficult.

I believe that the wintering of bees can be greatly improved if the nest is formed from thickened honeycombs in winter.

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Thickened honeycombs