Paratyphus of bees

Paratyph – an infectious disease, accompanied by late winter and spring diarrhea and death of adult bees. The causative agent – Bacterium paratyphi alvei – is a small, polymorphic rod with a rounded ends, 1-2

Pollen toxicity of bees

Pollen toxicosis is an infectious disease of bee colonies caused by the pollen of poisonous plants. Causes of the disease. The disease develops in young bees when feeding pollen from poisonous plants. The bee pickers

Diseases of the brood

The foulbrood. The term “foulbrood” refers to the infectious diseases of the brood of the bee family, accompanied by rotting in different stages of development. Diseases of all three bee colonies are affected, and the

How to treat nezematosis of bees

Nosematosis is an invasive disease accompanied by a disorder of the intestine and changes in the midgut of adult bees and queens. Economic damage. In northern and central regions, this disease causes great harm –

How to treat aspergillosis of bees or stone brood

Aspergillosis (stone brood) is an infectious disease of bee colonies, causing the death and drying of the brood and adult bees. Aspergillosis is dangerous for humans and pets. The development of the disease contributes to

Biology of the bee family

All bee diseases can be divided into two categories: 1) diseases of adult bees and 2) diseases of brood. Adult bees can get sick at any time of year under unfavorable conditions. Diseases of broods

Gregarinosis of bees

Gegarinosis is an invasive disease of bee colonies, which causes an intestinal disorder. The disease is poorly understood. The causative agent of the disease is the Greek animal – the protozoa (Protozoa), from the class

Flavored starch against ticks

Any novelty in our beekeeping business is of great interest to readers. So, my articles on the use of flavored starch when processing bees, came more than a thousand letters. When I looked through the

Air against the varroatosis mite

The method of combating varroatosis of bees with the help of aira. That’s what I can offer. To combat this disease, use infusion or decoction from the roots of the aura. Essential oil adversely affects

Rickettsiosis of bees

Rikketshoz is an infectious disease of bees, accompanied by a change in the hemolymph of adult bees. The causative agent of the disease. Rickettsia disease is caused. They have dimensions of 0.2-0.4-0.9 microns, coccoid, rod-shaped,