Cleaning honey

Cleaning honey

Bee honey refers to those foods that are consumed without any treatment (thermal or other). In this regard, it is necessary that beekeepers in their work comply with sanitary and hygienic rules.

Under the microscope, in a drop of honey, there are floral motes, yeast, algae, microscopic mites, wax plates, bee hairs and other natural impurities. Because of the carelessness of the beekeeper and the unsanitary content of the apiary, ancillary facilities and beekeeping equipment, honey can be contaminated with ashes, sand, dust from the insulating nest of pillow bees, dead bees, cell debris, etc.

With the inept use of the smoke from it, not only ash, soot and soot fall into honeycomb cells with honey, but often a drop of tar. If the beekeeper puts honeycomb frames with honey from the hive on the ground, and not into a special clean box, the sand adheres to the slats of the frames, which when pumped out on a honey

extractor gets into honey. During the pumping out of honey, when the windows of the utility room are not zasetchenki, the bees fly and fall into the drum of the honey extractor, where they perish.

Cleaning honey from clogging impurities is done in two ways: by filtration and settling. The first method is that during the flow from the honey extractor honey passes through a sieve of tinned metal mesh of various sizes (No. 28, 32, 40, 45). When sludge (the second method), heavy impurities settle on the bottom of the vessel in which honey is stored, clogging honey (sand, etc.), while wax plates and pieces of wax float upward.

Purification of honey from clogging impurities is carried out in a 1 m high sump at a temperature of 18-20 њ C during the first three days after pumping out the honey. As the temperature rises, the settling accelerates. The duration of settling at a temperature of 10 њ C is 15 days, 15 њ – b7g, 20 њ -3 days, 35 њ -10 hours, 50 њ – 2 hours. Studies have shown that the amount of insoluble in water littering honey particles after a three-day settling was 0.008-0.012% of the weight of honey.

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Cleaning honey