Nourishing creams with wax

Cream for cleansing the skin. Wax 6 g, borax – 0.5 g, peach or apricot oil – 27.5 g, water – 16 ml. Add water after the mixture has cooled to 40 њ C. Nourishing

Toning face mask with wax

Nourishing face mask. Wax (5 g) and honey (70 g) placed in a porcelain vessel, heated in a water bath until the wax melts, mix with a wooden spatula until completely cooled. When the mixture

If there are reddish spots and itching on the face

It seems to me that cosmetics should be widely introduced from aesthetic considerations. But, of course, we can not and should not blindly imitate foreign models, we should not copy them and plant them in

Skin Care in Autumn

Modern cosmetic products – powder, lipstick, blush – were well known in ancient times, they were widely used by ancient Egyptians, Romans and women of other nations. As a philologist, I know that the author