Getting new families and forming cores with spare uteras

The most common way to get new families is usually to build offsets. In this case, the family is formed by selecting from the one or more families 3 … 4 frames with young bees


Drones begin to appear in front of the swarm at the end of April or in May, depending on a number of conditions: the strength of the family, the state of the weather, the presence

Features of a multi-hull

The invention of a movable hinged frame facilitated the appearance of a large number of different designs of hives. In accordance with this, the size and shape of the frames changed. Used square, narrow, low

How to handle bees at work

To work with bees was productive, you must properly handle them. First of all, we should set ourselves the rule – never to disturb the bees in vain, for the sake of simple curiosity. When

The content of bees in hives-loungers

Only strong bee colonies are biologically full and most productive in honey and wax. They are always ready to use any, even short-term bribes. Therefore, the methods of taking care of bees and their contents

A proven method of replanting the uterus

In the magazine was published the article “Proven method of replanting.” The author received many letters with a request to clarify – how to organize active ventilation of the bee nest and cells with the

Swarm transplantation

After the bee family grows stronger, will renew the nest, fill the honeycomb with brood, honey and perga, it directs its worries to the creation of a new family. On the ninth day after the

Honey extraction on a honey extractor

During the main bribe, you must ensure that the pumping of honey from the hives is done in a timely manner. Just removed from the hive, warm honey is easily pumped out on a honey