Methods of orienting bees

We are facing a large beekeeping pavilion. Twenty bee colonies are located nearby, and all hives look exactly alike. Thousands of worker bees are fleeing for a bribe; with the rapidity of arrows, buzzing, they

Mental abilities of bees

This section will be brief, since it is not worth much to say that little is known. But something to say is still necessary. Having learned about the clever arrangement of honeycombs or about the

Dancing Pollen Collectors

Along with honey as a second indispensable food, the bee family collects pollen. Pollen gatherers also inform each other about a found abundant source of a bribe, and they do it in the same way

Memory for the time of bees

Each of us from our own experience knows what a sense of time. It can be relied on to a greater or lesser extent, but there is no person for whom it is completely absent.

The eyes of the bees and their ability to see

If the reader ever had breakfast at a village in the air, there is honey, then probably the bees attracted by the honey smell were also on the table. In this case, you can always

The meaning of color and smell for bees

To what extent, with the correct choice of color, the bees use this identification sign of their hive for orientation, can be solved not by reasoning, but only by experiments. Fig. 63. Use of bee

How do bees talk to each other?

The previous chapters talked about training, which allows you to get some data about the feelings of bees. The prerequisite for such experiments is that the bees we want to train come to our experimental

Nervous system, sense organs and behavior of bees

Every living organism exists in changing environmental conditions and is able to adapt to these conditions. The existence of an organism without its interaction with the external environment is impossible. A living organism is capable

Celestial compass of bees

The Vikings had no idea of ​​the compass. In distant wanderings across the ocean, they were guided by the sun, moon and stars. With the orientation you can use the heavenly bodies in two ways,

Perception by bees of polarized light

Fig. 94. Observation beehive in an inclined position. Even with such a slight inclination bees can dance, guided by the direction of gravity. To more accurately study the behavior of bees on a horizontal dance