How to catch a swarm

If in the beehive from the beehive in the presence of the beekeeper, he began to remove the swarm, that is, the opportunity to quickly catch it, without waiting for him to be planted on

How to Clean Cells

In the spring, when looking at bee colonies, it is possible to find moldy and worn honeycomb frames. As a rule, they are rejected, but the apiary is not always provided with honeycombs. Therefore, I

Interesting experiments on bees

It has long been known that if a bean for feeding bees is placed behind a plaque at the bottom of a beehive or under a roof on a frame, the bees will glue it

Association of bee colonies

The method of combining bee families described in the literature consists in the gradual rapprochement (0.5 m per day) of hives. If these families are at different ends of the apiary, this will require a

Bees under the ground

One day in early August, in the field on a tractor mill, the machine operators noticed the years of bees, called me, and I was surprised at this unusual choice of place for a home.

Ban on bee swarming

A friend of mine once said: One day in June, when the day was already slipping towards evening, I began to inspect the family and found mature queen cells. It is clear that the swarm