Pollination by bees of tomatoes

Significant areas in greenhouses are used for growing tomatoes. Less common are peppers, aubergines and other crops. Tomatoes, peppers and eggplants belong to the family of Solanaceae, come from hot tropical countries (tomatoes and peppers

The first purchase of bees

If you decide to get bees, it’s best to do it in the spring. Buying bees, the first thing you should pay attention to is the presence of several young fetuses. The family should also

Advice to a Beginner Beekeeper

Just recently – just two years ago – I first got a beehive from the beehive … I remember how many difficulties there were in the first time. And at the deadlock I did not

Correction of the family-processing

In a family with bee-workers I substitute combs with an open brood. When the first bees begin to seal cells, I again give them an open brood. If the family was weak, then I return

Microphone for listening to bees

Beekeepers know that many bees die mostly from January to March. Therefore, from the middle of January, you should be especially careful. At this time, the beekeeper can judge the state of the family only

Dry framing

There are many different methods of fixing the wax on the frame. Unfortunately, many of them require significant technical facilities, and sometimes simply unreliable. In our village, amateur beekeepers, having 29-30 hives each, have long

Spring feeding bees with wine

I am interested in the history of beekeeping, I purchased the book “Proceedings of the Free Economic Society for the Promotion of Agriculture and House-Building in Russia,” published in 1775. Attention was drawn to the

Popular signs of weather

Every beekeeper worries about what is expected in the coming winter, a spring or a long spring is coming, rainy or dry summer, etc. I want to share my observations with readers, who help to

How to provide frames with bee-keeping bees in spring

Usually beekeepers aspire to winter to provide bee colonies with the necessary amount of food. In late February, brood appears. If there are no pergas in the nests, then there is very little of it.

Homemade scales

Every beekeeper knows the importance of accounting for the weight of hives. However, many beekeepers can not obtain suitable scales. I offer scales of own design. Stand 1, welded from pipes, welded racks, with which;