Radioactive honey

Radioactive honey. It has long been established that different types of honey differ not only in color, specific flavor and taste, but also in chemical composition and medicinal properties. The chemical composition of honey depends

Harvesting and storage of honey

Natural honey is usually sold in the market in two forms: sealed in a honeycomb or pumped out on a special honey extractor (centrifugal honey). Freshly pumped honey honey is transparent, with various shades (from

Onion honey

Onion honey of golden or yellow color with a slight smell and taste of onions, which after a while disappears. Onions bloom in July, on hot days, when the flowers of other honey plants almost

Rhododendron honey

Rhododendron honey has an unpleasant taste. When used as food causes general weakness, headache, vomiting, fainting, etc. There are literary indications that the poisoning with honey from rhododendron causes the alkaloid of andromedotoxin contained in

Reseda honey

Rezedovy honey honey bees are collected from the flowers of odoriferous. This honey belongs to the category of high-grade, has an exceptionally pleasant aroma, and to taste it can compete with lime. Bees receive from

Getting honey in winter

Bees usually “work” only in the spring and summer, and fall and winter “rest”, feeding on winter fodder stocks left by the beekeeper. We decided to check whether bees will take artificial nectar in winter,

Beet-hips honey

To obtain this honey, the bee family was given artificial nectar, which consisted of red (table) beet juice, rose hips infusion and decoction of cherry leaves. Instead of sugar for the preparation of syrup used

Willow honey

Willow honey golden yellow, crystallization becomes fine-grained, acquires a cream shade, has high taste qualities. Bees vigorously collect it from the flowers of various tree and shrubby species of willow, which number about 170 species.

Heather Honey

Heather honey honey bees make from nectar small pink flowers evergreen branched shrub ordinary heather. Heather honey of dark, dark yellow and reddish-brown color with a weak aroma, pleasant or tart bitter taste. This honey

Multivitamin honey

To obtain honey containing various vitamins, sweet solutions were made from rose hips, which contains a large number of vitamins C, B, E, A (carotene), from juices of various vegetables and in some cases from