Mustard honey

Mustard honey bees are collected from large yellow flowers of white mustard. From the nectar harvested from a hectare of these flowers, bees produce up to 40 kg of honey of golden color, which after

How to store honey

Honey is stored only in an impeccably clean glass or aluminum container. You can not pour honey into uncleaned containers under the pretext that it also stored honey. A film of aged honey promotes the

Apple-tree honey

Apple honey is light yellow, with an exceptionally pleasant aroma. Contains 31.67% of glucose and 42% of levulose. The bees make it from the nectar of the apple blossoms. From a hectare of blossoming apple-trees,

The content of vitamins in honey

Vitamins are organic substances, essential elements of normal nutrition. Before vitamins, such terrible diseases as scurvy, beriberi, rickets, pellagra and others receded. Academician AN Bach wrote that vitamins, which until recently seemed to be secondary

Honeydew honey

Spray honey is transparent, with a greenish tinge, crystallization becomes white, in the form of snow pellets, and sometimes resembles cream or bacon. It becomes yellow when heated; has a delicate aroma, pleasant to the

Eucalyptus honey

Eucalyptus honey is unpleasant to the taste, but highly valued, as it is used in folk medicine for the treatment of pulmonary tuberculosis. Literary data on the medicinal properties of eucalyptus honey in tuberculosis are

Honey to small children

The replacement of sugar with honey in the diet has a beneficial effect on the formation of the child’s body. To consume honey is best in pure form, and also adding to different foods. This

Breaded honey

Burachnikov honey bees produce from the nectar of large beautiful blue flowers borage – cucumber grass, which is bred to us as a valuable honey plant and medicinal plant. This honey is transparent, bright and

Tobacco honey

Tobacco honey in color varies from light to dark, has an unpleasant smell and a bitter taste. Due to low taste qualities, it is almost not used in human nutrition. It is used in tobacco

Chestnut honey

Chestnut honey of dark color, has a weak aroma, unpleasant to taste. Bees make this honey from the nectar of the chestnut tree flowers growing in our country mainly in the Crimea and Transcaucasia. Bees