Organization of a nomadic apiary Organization of a nomadic apiary June 28, 2018 best-kapitan

The article tells about the organization of a nomadic apiary. The most important thing for a nomadic apiary is the location of the bees or in the pavilion on the platform. I advise you to immediately exclude the option, when the beehive is on the ground, and for transportation it is required to load them […]

The composition of the fodder balance of the apiary The composition of the fodder balance of the apiary June 12, 2018 best-kapitan

The work on the composition of the feed balance of apiaries is carried out in the following order: 1) take into account the species composition of the major honey plants, growing in the area of ​​useful summer bees of this apiary; 2) determine the areas occupied by the honey plants; 3) calculate the honey reserve […]

Selection of honey bees Selection of honey bees June 10, 2018 best-kapitan

The leading principles of breeding are considered common for most plants and animals, but for many there is a specific tribal cause, due to the peculiarities of these objects, facilitating or hampering the work of the breeder. The structure of the bee family can serve as an indicator of the higher stage attained in the […]